French Bulldog Limited Edition 100

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Aaron Summerfield

Aaron Summerfield

Aaron Summerfield studied Graphic Design in Windsor, On. Canada. Ever since graduating in 2005, Aaron has been working as a Photographer, Photo Editor, and Graphic Designer. 

His use of simplicity in his work to create strong, graphic and thought provoking  images allows his work tell a  vibrant, compelling and unique story of their own. This series, titled “My Pet Peeves” was inspired by his dog “Peeve” and the trouble she would get in to.

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Thank You for choosing Dreamandart. We specialise in artistic photography for collectors. Designer collections chosen by art curators and architects, perfectly correspond with modern architecture. For corporate clients we offer a complex advisory and curatiorial services. We match artwork with interios. The artworks are printed in a museum quality, and dedicated for all the collectors of photography and design enthusiasts. High-quality proffesional lambda prints on the best quality photo paper. The photographs are offered in short limited series, signed by the authors on certificates with a stamp indicating the number of the photo in the series and the edition‘s limit. We have exclusive rights to most of the presented artwork.

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